On March 18, 1975, a motion was introduced to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to prepare a draft ordinance to establish an independent County Commission for Women. A 15-member commission was created to represent the special interests and concerns of women of all races, ethnic and social backgrounds, religious convictions, sexual orientation and social circumstances.

As part of his statement, Supervisor Edmund D. Edelman said: "Although women represent a majority of the County's population, tradition and prejudice, along with social, political and economic restrictions have resulted in women being denied by virtue of their status of being women, certain basic human rights. The denial of these fundamental rights has created inequities in economic, political, legal and social status, thereby preventing the development of women's individual potential and the ability to contribute as fully as possible to the economic and cultural well being of the County of Los Angeles.

In view of the long standing tradition of according women an inferior status in society, nothing less than a concerted effort at all levels of government will remove the barriers of discrimination and prejudice and result in true equality."

The Mission

The Los Angeles County Commission for Women seeks to represent the interest and concerns of women of all races, ethnic and social backgrounds, religious convictions, sexual orientation and social circumstances.

The Commission is mandated to:

  • Advise the Board of Supervisors, County departments and agencies on needs of women and matters relating to discrimination and prejudice on account of sex, marital status and sexual orientation.

  • Recommend programs or legislation to promote and ensure equal rights and opportunities for women.

  • Research and Investigate conditions which allegedly discriminate against women and disseminate results of investigations.

  • Provide a coordinating function for County departments, community groups and organizations concerned with women's rights.


The Vision

The Los Angeles County Commission for Women will advocate for the lives and well being of women through building strong collaboration, sharing available resources, and educating and empowering through participation in the legislative process.

Standing Committees

Each year, the Commission for Women appoints committee members to the various Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees charged with executing the approved initiatives, on behalf of the Commission. 




Executive Committee
Alice S. Petrossian, President
Ana Maria Garcia, Vice President
Nancy L. Cohen, Ph.D., Treasurer
Becky A. Shevlin, Immediate Past President


Education Committee
Imelda Padilla, Chair
Reiko Duba, Vice Chair
Gerda Govine, Ed.D.
Barbara Kappos, LCSW
Ana Maria Garcia
Olivia G. Rodriguez


Health Committee
Charlotte Lesser, Chair
Maria Calix, Vice-Chair
Gerda Govine, Ed.D.
Olivia G. Rodriguez
Carolyn Aoki-Hyatt
Reiko Duba

Policy and Legislation Committee
Lindsay Louie, Chair
Karriann Farrell Hinds, Vice Chair
Maria Calix
Dora de la Rosa, J.D.
Nancy Cohen, Ph.D.
Becky Shevlin


Public Relations and Social Media Committee
Gerda Govine, Ed.D., Chair
Becky Shevlin, Vice Chair
Imelda Padilla
Lindsay Louie
Nancy Cohen, Ph.D.
Karriann Farrell Hinds


Violence Against Women and Girls Committee
Olivia G. Rodriguez, Chair
Barbara Kappos, LSCSW Vice Chair
Ana Maria Garcia
Charlotte Lesser
Carolyn Aoki-Hyatt
Dora De La Rosa, J.D.